About Amit Kumar Senapati

Amit Kumar Senapati is a philanthropist and is engaged in school repairs, community building construction, toilet construction, helping students educate their studies etc. Plan easy will be a platform to improve on the reach by having better access to financial resources.

Amit Kumar Senapati

Project Control Enthusiast | Philanthropist

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Projects Handled

04 April 2021 –  31 August 2022

11 June 2020 – 02 August 2022

07 November 2018 – -31 March 2021

18 July 2018 – 20 October 2018

03 April 2018 – 30 July 2018

Black Mountain Mining

11 October 2016 –  16 March 2018

 08 January 2015 30 November 2016

07 June 2014 30 July 2015

06 June 2013 – 07 May 2014

09 June 2012 20 June 2013

30 November 2011 09 May 2012

05 June 2009 29 November 2011

01 August 2007 – 30 April 2009

Key Projects

World’s largest Zinc Sulphite Mining Plant.World’s largest Zinc Sulphite Mining Plant.

World’s second largest Thermal power plant.

World’s largest single train Fertilizer Plant.

India’s leading Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant.

India’s largest single train Steel Plant.

15+ Exp. working with India’s most renowned Engineering Consulting Firm

Proud Moments


What is Plan Easy?

Plan easy is a One Step Destination for all your Project Management Learning, where you get to learn about Project planning, Starting Up and Execution using advance project management techniques.

Why Plan Easy?


To prepare students to be corporate ready.


Quality packed training at about no cost. To train 50,000 students in next 2 years


To be the global best in Project Management over the next 5 years

What made Amit Senapati's start Plan Easy?

Amit Senapati has worked with several projects around the globe and have worked with almost every nationality be JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, PHILIPPINES, INDIA, CHINA to UK, US, SOUTH AFRICA, EUROPE etc and has incorporated all the learnings in his new venture of educating the youth and make them corporate ready. Take this opportunity to know the best of Project Management from one of the best in the Project Management profession.

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